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Minnesota Saddle Pals is a Registered Public Charity. Here is more info: 

Fed Id# 83-3978803 We can accept monetary gifts, grants, equipment, horses, services. Our Equine Assisted Programs are completely staffed by Volunteers. Every penny donated will entirely go to the needs of the horses and their hoof care and Vet care. We also will use funding to feed the inner city kids for the Cowboy camps.

Our program is steadily growing and every week we are doing 30 to 50 lessons or about 200/Month.

We also do Cowboy Day camps for Inner City kids and young adults. These groups experience a day at the farm assisted by Cowboys and Cowgirls. We have had small groups of 12 all the way up to 85 kids in one day! These are really fun days that usually start with the kids learning to care for the animals and that means doing various farm chores. They will get hands on instruction and as the day progresses, learn skills to be around the horses safely and then have a chance to ride. Then, we love to feed everyone a hearty meal just like a cowboy would eat after a long full day on the farm/ranch!  


8485 Vega Avenue

New Germany, MN 55367


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed

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